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N-Heptane with Purity of Over 99.5% Available at Truly Chemical


N-Heptane is a chemical used as a EPS foaming agent, zeolite desorption agent, extraction solvent, and refrigerant additive; it can also be used for the assessment of standard octane ratings, as an anesthetics, and a solvent for the organic synthesis.

China is the most competitive chemical market in the world, because of low manufacturing costs and high-quality products. Lena Wang, general manager of Truly Chemical said, “Although Korea market also offers n-Heptane, but due to our low cost and high purity, we are exporting large volume to Korean customer."


Data validates Truly Chemical’s N-Heptane excellent sales performance in North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and other parts of the world.

“In addition to having a of purity of over 99.5%, Bromine and Aromatics impurities are controlled at under 50ppm.” 

Truly Chemical’s products are competitively priced, always in stock, and we can meet the needs of each individual client. Currently, Truly Chemical is looking to cooperate with more clients from around the world. 

Creatine Manufacturer Main products include:139-07-1,CAS 60-12-8,507-20-0,90-64-2,heptane 142-82-5,25895-60-7,420-04-2,156-62-7.

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