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NMP with 99.9% Purity is Available on the Chinese Market


Recently, Truly Chemical, a comprehensive chemical company in China, announced that N-Methyl Pyrrolidone (NMP) with 99.9% purity they supply is now on the market.

NMP is colorless transparent liquid, with strong water absorption. As a high-selective polar solvent and nitrogen heterocycle compound, NMP has such advantageous high boiling point, low corrosion, high solubility, low viscosity, low volatility and good stability and high selectivity. It is widely used in aromatics extraction, as well as the purification of acetylene, olefin and diene. Based on its different applications, NMP can mainly be divided into four grades: (1) Micro-electronic grade: Liquid crystal display, Semiconductor (2) Electronic grade: Mainly used in lithium batteries, fiber and other industries (3) Pharmaceutical grade: Mainly used in pharmaceutical solvents, intermediates, etc (4) Industry grade: Mainly used in petroleum extraction, pesticides, insulating paint, industrial cleaning, etc.

What makes Truly Chemical’s NMP truly different? According to Lena Wang, general manager of Truly Chemical, Truly Chemical’s NMP’s purity can reach 99.9%. Truly Chemical’s NMP can thus largely improve the product yield and the quality of end products, with lower impurity content. Moreover, the heavy metals of micro-electronic NMP are at ppb level.

As one of the fastest growing chemical companies in China, Truly Chemical offers Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), API Intermediates, Food Additives, Flavor & Fragrance and Specialty Chemicals. Truly Chemical has established close cooperation with universities and laboratories, which provide strong support for new product development. 

 “With rising demand for electric vehicles in the world market, we are confident we are a better place to source these chemicals.” said Lena.  

Truly Chemical has a complete range of top-quality compounds, from Micro-electronic grade, the highest grade in China to industrial grade. The products are competitively priced, always in-stock, and can meet different needs of each individual customer. Currently, Truly Chemical is looking for customers from around the globe.

Creatine Manufacturer Main products include:139-07-1,CAS 60-12-8,507-20-0,90-64-2,heptane 142-82-5,25895-60-7,420-04-2,156-62-7.

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